October – The month of Cybersecurity Awareness

In the golden month of October, everything revolves around internet security. This campaign has existed since 2012. Cybersecurity is threatened in many ways in today’s global world, and the question of prevention is one that concerns each of us. Therefore, the European Cybersecurity Month provides information and invites everyone to learn more about cyber security and cyber threats and how to avoid them. Read more

Logo yourVcam

What does yourVcam stand for?

yourVcam – What do we stand for and why do we actually do it? We want to get to the bottom of this question in the following blog article.

All in all, we have been working on the yourVcam product since 2014 – a time when the idea of ​​cloud-based video surveillance was still in its infancy. Read more

Video surveillance – what is allowed?

When installing a video camera, the question often arises as to what is allowed in order not to conflict with the law. In this respect, Switzerland has certain rules of conduct. If you break the law, a serious matter can be caused by not informing oneself thoroughly enough about the data protection law in Switzerland. But what exactly is not allowed and what are the consequences? Read more