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yourVcam – What do we stand for and why do we actually do it? We want to get to the bottom of this question in the following blog article.

All in all, we have been working on the yourVcam product since 2014 – a time when the idea of ​​cloud-based video surveillance was still in its infancy. At that time, IP video cameras had only been on the market for a few years – apart from market leader Axis, there were hardly any solutions that could be taken seriously and that could do the job without the use of local servers for video recording.

The challenges at that time were countless: poor resolutions, poor image quality and little possibility for data compression combined with a bad network infrastructure. This was especially limited by the poor connection of the customers to the internet itself. Typical bandwidths of 2 Mbit/s upload to the customer’s internet made the idea of ​​cloud-based video surveillance seem like a distant dream of the future. At that time, more than one or two cameras were hard to imagine for the average customer’ sites.

Despite all these challenges, the yourVcam team believed in the future of video surveillance as a service (VSaaS), as well as cloud technologies. Thus, they developed the first manufacturer-independent, professional video surveillance version and successfully launched this unique project in 2015.

A lot has happened since then, both in IT and web technologies, as well as in the infrastructure and the acceptance of the cloud as a secure data storage location. By now, almost everyone in Switzerland uses cloud services in one form or another, be it for highly secure online banking or online file storage, such as Dropbox or other similar options. Today, the majority of the population streams videos via mobile devices or uploads photos and videos (live) to social media platforms.

Proprietary surveillance cameras from a wide range of manufacturers are flooding into the consumer electronics market, and even professional systems are slowly moving into the cloud. In the search for video surveillance solutions that can also be operated via the Internet, innumerable offers can be found. Among them, however, there are many solutions that do not tell where exactly the customer’s data is stored, how secure the cameras are, and whether someone who should not have access to Video images is actually able to see them.

We have followed the market closely over the past few years and observed it thoroughly too. That’s why our team gained a lot of knowledge over time, and we were able to continuously develop a solution based on our own experience. We have been on the Swiss market for 5 years now and have developed the third generation of our software in Switzerland.

We believe that it is important and possible to offer a video surveillance solution that meets professional requirements, but is at the same time easy to use and should not fight shy of comparisons with any other proprietary solution within the consumer electronics market. With this goal in mind, we have now developed a professional solution, with data storage in Switzerland, which is as secure as the Swiss bank and moreover, as easy to use as possible. All the better, everything is manufacturer-independent, with free choice of high-quality cameras and according to the highest Swiss security standards.

We would be extremely delighted if you would like to accompany us as a customer or partner on our way ahead to strive for enhancement of the most secure option in matters of video surveillance.

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